0 #1 Jeff E. 2014-07-17 09:00

This evening my wife, Olivia, and I have had such a good time looking through your gallery!My mom was a very active artist and she worked in oil and watercolor, and in her later years did impressionist and even abstract work. I'm sorry she is not here to see your gallery. She would be exceedingly interested in your work and would appreciate it greatly, I am sure.

Olivia and I have been looking through your gallery making a list of the paintings we like the most --- 2 pages now! Really nice work.

We have a place in our home where we have talked about placing a piece of art work. Your painting "La Felouque" would fit beautifully, for a number of reasons. Is this still available for purchase?

I'm so pleased that Pierre mentioned your work and website to me --- they are really beautiful paintings, Diane. I hope you can keep adding to your gallery.

Best regards,
Jeff Ebsary
Buffalo, NY

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